Pneumatic Rotary Blow Moding Machine factory


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1. Introduction of SQ-6 blow molding machine:
This machine is mainly suitable for plastic package with being blown up from side, such as the plastic bottles for eye-drop, ice pops tube fruit juice, milk, medicine, cosmetic etc. The machine adopts screw extruding blow molding technology in its extruder. And it is adopted auto-control temperature and FM activator. The machine is combined with electro motion, pneumatic power and mechanism. The main character of this machine is its simplicity & stabilization of operation. It has been famous for its excellent performance, low maintenance ratio, less consumption of electricity & low noise. May match according to the correlation product this aircraft truncates the mouth equipment automatically
The products produced by this machine are as blow photo:
Machine detail:
SQ-6, seperate boday Style Rotational Blow Molding Machine
- with filter changer
- 6 Molds
- 55mm extruder
- 380V 3 Phases 50Hz
2, Specification:
Max. Bottle Containment800ml
Productive capacity3000 PCS/hour (ice pops )
Allowed Mould width125mm
Allowed Mould Thickness118mm
Blowing Air pressure0.4-0.7Mpa
Rated Power15kw
Average Running Power7kw
Extruder Screw Diameter55mm
Plasticizing Capacity40KG/Hour
Size of Main Frame(L.W.H)3300×1200×1500mm
Weight1500kgPneumatic Rotary Blow Moding Machine factory