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The present invention provides an easy settable stretch .a low-melt fiber, wherein the low-melt fiber comprises low-melt polymer which can be fused in the temperature between110C to180 C, being higher than the temperature used for normal textile process and household laundry, but lower than the temperature used for heat setting elastic fiber. The low-melt fiber can be selected from a group of fibers made from modified polyester, nylon, and polypropylene and the copolymer from them in the form of staple or filament
Now only a small part of our clothing is not harmful to wear and produced with natural and eco-friendly fibers, most of them are still manufactured with tons of chemicals becoming highly toxic and increasing the negative effects on our body’s health.
Throughout the years and through lots of researches, some health hazards such as cancer have been linked with the wearing of toxic fabrics and fibers. The blame worthies in regard to the health conditions are the different types of chemicals used in the dying and bleaching process of chemically treated natural and synthetic fibers as well as its manufacturing., specially the one for our sportswear. Let's examine each one of them closely and thoroughly in order to understand them better.
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