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This is not the idea that you should exclude nuts and seeds from the diet, no, just do not eat almonds with handfuls. The number of nuts should be measured with pieces, approximately 7-12 pieces. # ERROR5 You are not training hard enough Beginners should start with small loads. As soon as you get used to scales, simulators and the atmosphere of the hall, you must constantly Thrustuline Boost increase the load. Bạn không thể luôn luôn ở vùng comfort zone, thì không nhận được một thời hạn (plateau). It's hard to say how many times I've seen women in the hall picking up a 2-pound dumbbell for biceps, without a drop of sweat for training. If you ask them why they do not take dumbbells more heavily, they usually reply, I do not want to look cumbersome.