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Product Introduction
Double cone mixer is mainly used in powder-powder mixing, especially for materials in small batch and has high uniformity requirement. The equipment adopts W structure and cylinder is rotatable. The mixing process is divided into stop & feeding, start & mixing, stop & discharging, etc. Vacuum feeding device can be equipped.
Application Industry
material mixing of pharmacy, food, essence, dye, chemical industry, plastic, rubber and etc
Applicable Materials
Powders or particles whose specific gravity is under 7g/cm³and with certain fluidity, liquid content is under 10%, such as medical intermediate, flavoring, flour, essence, graphite, coffee powder, iron powder and etc.
Product Advantages
1. Nice structure, easy to operate and clean, stable working without noisy.
2. High uniformity for almost all materials mixing.
3. Vacuumed feeding and discharged by butterfly valve to realize dust-free operation.
4. Overloading protection protect the motor and tachometer control the location of discharged material after operation.
5. In terms of materials lack of fluidity, forced agitator is in option.
6. Spray device is option to inject small scale liquid.
Working Principle
Double cone mixer mixer consists of rotatable cylinder, support frame, driving part, etc. The cylinder is designed as W-shape, mixing blade can be mounted inside the cylinder. Materials are lifted, dripped, mixed with the rotation of cylinder during operation, therefore no mixing dead zone.
Technical Parameter
ModelBarrel Volume(L)Max Loading Weight(kg)Mixing Time(min)Motor Power(kw)
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