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Polygon turning is a machining process which allows non-circular forms (polygons) to be machined without interrupting the rotation of the raw material.
The process uses standard inexpensive turning inserts instead of milling cutters for machining polygons.
The product is the design & development product with simplified to the customary intricate and tough procedures of machining polygonal, multi slots, & contours, With a single chucking operation.
A better cut division and reduced cutting time, as well as the compensation of cutting forces, can be achieved by simultaneous operation of 2 cutter heads.
In CXF-W60X Turning Lathe the power clamping and auto feed help to increase productivity and efficiency.
Polygon turning is noticeably quicker than milling, the time-consuming changeover from lathe to mill is eliminated.
The process is well suited for mass production and batch production.
Faster than conventional procedures.
Quality flexible coupling (Imported)between the work head and tool head.
To machine the square tang on the taps.
To machine flats on shafts, brake cam, shifter, and collared nuts.
To machine Hex, Square in flats on duplex and super duplex steels.
To machine the polygons on the yoke nut.
To machine the square tang on top.
When you choose CXF-W60X Turning Lathe to machine your workpieces, you should know the following parameters choose.
Specifications are subject to change without further notice.
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